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Update July 2013
Dear Friends,

It has been a period of hospital adventures and ragged recovery. But before I go there, I have something to ask of you. In speaking with some of my co-workers who contributed to my original fundraising campaign, they shared that they did not know that this was an ongoing need. Their suggestion was to put up front the information about donating, and I am taking their advice. Please forgive me if this seems like a tactless appeal. And please do not feel badly if you cannot contribute.

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October 18, 2016

For some reason my updates are not working.

I celebrated my 5th year anniversary of my transplant. A big milestone for sure. It also brought back a lot of memories – good and not so good.

I feel really blessed to be alive. However, it seems to take a tremendous amount of effort and the support of my loved ones.

My medication regimen is very hard on the body, and increasingly, many of my problems are fallout from that regimen and not the transplant itself.

I want to thank those of you who still visit, still care, and still donate. The expenses continue, and it helps to have your financial support to help make ends meet. Even with insurance, my part of the pharmacy bills often exceed $800 a month. My most expensive pharmacy month was $1736. It would have been a lot worse without this fund to fall back on.

Thanks all!

May 27, 2016

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Thank you for stopping by. I must save with some amazement that I am still alive. There have been so many close calls and near death experiences, that I am almost losing count. But, my tasks here must not be done for I continue to come back.

I imagine that I speak for many who survivors here at HHL (and elsewhere), when I say that prolonged campaigns are very difficult. We live in a society that does not really understand the realities of living with a transplant, or even having a permanent, severe health condition. However, this truism is particularly apt for transplant recipients.

It is my experience, that people assume that once one has a transplant one is “healed;” everything returns to “normal” and one just goes on with one’s life. Little do they know that while you have gone through a life saving procedure, that you have now stepped into the world of an ongoing, severe, medical condition.

I had my transplant in June 2011, and I am rapidly approaching my 5th year anniversary. This is a remarkable accomplishment with a lung transplant, and I am deeply blessed to be here. However, I have spent close to 1.5 years of that 5 years in the hospital – not counting the time recovering from the actual surgery. My medical expenses have been exceeding $25,000 a year. However, donations have been at a trickle since shortly after the surgery.

I do not share this to get anyone’s sympathy, but I do hope that it makes people think a bit about the people they know who are fighting with serious chronic health issues – for that is what all of us here at HHL have.

Thank you and may the Light shine on you and yours.

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September 1, 2014

Rowan we do not know each other but we share a love of life on this planet and have a mutual friend. I know your struggles have been long and difficult and that illness can bring a unique loneliness. My prayers for you will be for comfort and kindness to be all around you. We have moved to a new city and do not have a new church for out offering. We will send the coming one to you. It is small compared to the need. With hope and concern. Frank and Sara Fesler

Sara Fesler

October 8, 2013

You are my light. Your transplant is helping you shine again!

Kelly Mitchell, Mountain View, CA

October 8, 2013

Just spoke to Rowan, she is being worked up for transplant tonight @ 10"30. Light candles, meditate, pray, send light her way.

Bill Whitlatch, Portland, OR

October 8, 2013

Be strong, sister. Lots of us have you in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Michael Morrow, Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals