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Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

I am writing to you on behalf of my son, Jake Wrenn. Jake is a 22 year old student at Penn College of Technology (a division of Penn State) with plans of becoming a manufacturing engineer. As many of you know, Jake recently suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury following a mountain biking accident. As a result, Jake is a level C4 – C6 quadriplegic with no use of his legs and limited use of his arms. Jake’s journey toward rehabilitation has just begun.

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November 22, 2013

We reached our goal PLUS some!!! Not only will we be able to get the ActionTrack Chair for Jake we also have enough for the UPPERTONE exercise machine which was designed for and by a C4-C5 quadriplegic just like Jake. ( Jake will be able to use this at home to enhance his physical and occupational therapy.

The night passed by in a whirlwind with so many people to talk to and thank for all their efforts and support. It was great to see over half of Jake’s grammar school class there as well as many of his high school and college friends, Granville towns people, Westfield supporters, family and friends old and new – the whole dang “village” was there! Our auction was a huge success with friendly (I think) bidding wars and many many people leaving with some wonderful items. The generosity of so many people donating items and monetary amounts still has me dizzy & overwhelmed. Our goal was to raise money however by far the bigger success of the night was for Jake to see all the people who care about and for him. I did take a few moments alone to look out over the room – I let loose a huge sigh of relief seeing Jake sitting over dinner feeding himself and laughing with his inner circle surrounded by over 250 people. There was energy of hope and caring, laugher and merriment that gave me more than a moment of pause as I reflected on the extraordinary swing of events in our lives over the last 6 months. I had to catch my breath as tears start again not because of the bad times we have endured but because of the spirit of kindness, humanity and goodwill flowing around the room. I see reunions of people who haven’t seen each other in a while, families sitting together outside of just holiday events, connections make between common friends, new friendships blooming and renewed relationships once strained all because of the common effort to support my son. I am so incredibly proud of the community of people we live with. No way could we make this transition in our lives without your help.

Thank you

Jake & Cooley

October 9, 2013

On May 15, 2013 Jake Wrenn was out in the woods riding his bicycle doing what he loves to do when the unthinkable happened.  Jake went over his handlebars breaking his neck at C-4,5 &6 leaving him a quadriplegic.  After months of serious rehabilitation which continues today, Jake has regained some arm and shoulder function.  With each passing week he is able to accomplish more tasks on his own working toward his future independence and a new life.

However, when devastating accidents happen that change your world completely one of the first things you notice are the things you took so easily for granted.  For Jake much of the joy in his life was being able to get out into the woods and explore.  Conventional wheelchairs are not made for people living in the country or outdoor enthusiast.    But the Action TrackChair is and that’s what we are trying to get for Jake.  Let’s get him back to the outdoors he so loves and misses.


All monies raised from this event will go towards the purchase of an Action TrackChair for Jake.  Just think about the freedom and confidence this chair will give him when he is able to head out the back door into the woods to hike and explore over all kinds of terrain and conditions.  With your donation and participation in this event you will, in a way be joining him on each and every adventure he takes.

Thank you!

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August 23, 2013

My dearest Jake, you are thus far one of the best people I have been lucky enough to share the majority of my life with. You continue to amaze everyone from everywhere. You truly have a fan club, energies coming to inspire and motivate you. We are all here for you- just like we always have been. Pretty soon you will be double fisting bojangles :) all my love... Amanda


August 8, 2013

Hi Jake,
Although we have never met.. we share a love of cycling, the outdoors, adventure, and the desire to be fighters. I was in a severe cycling trauma almost two years ago which led me to Gaylord. I was in a coma over a month and have sustained 21 surgeries thus far with many to go. Gaylord was a saving grace for me.
Im a bit older than you, but share your spirit to be strong and be an athlete again.. and YOU WILL BE AN ATHLETE AGAIN.
Although your body is different, your spirit is strong, and will get stronger than ever.
I live here on the shoreline but am always able to come up and visit you. Please let me know if you want a visitor.
Sending you prayers, strength, and will..
Colleen Kelly Alexander

Colleen Kelly Alexander/Clinton

July 10, 2013

Hello Jake, Our prayers and thoughts are with you and wishing you a speedy recovery..."That you would be healed." Hang in there, Jake!

Joseph Yankah-Colleague of Dad, Mike