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In January, 2011, while recovering from an emergency C-section, Naomi found herself back in the hospital suffering from kidney failure. A degenerative kidney disorder, polycystic kidney disease, and complications during pregnancy had reduced her kidney function to about 15%. We were told she’d need a new kidney within months.

But the Lord had other plans. Naomi’s kidneys remained fairly stable for two years, and she was able to get to know and enjoy our new baby, without worrying about dialysis or a transplant. Since diagnosis, life has been mostly normal, with Naomi being a stay at home mom for our three children, Ethan (12), Sophie (9) and Eli (2). Though she’s easily fatigued, she works very hard for our family. In addition to caring for our new baby, she homeschooled Sophie for two years and Ethan for one. She’s also remained active in our church choir and occasionally sings on the worship team. Outwardly, it’s not that obvious anything is wrong. But her energy level is very low, and some days are much worse than others.


September 23, 2013

Naomi, I work with Chris. I'm very sorry to hear about your struggle. How incredible to hear of the beautiful gift from a friend. I hope my meager gift helps some. And I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Mary Docken