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Aaron Stanley
HelpHOPELive Northwest Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Hope and Faith for Aaron


January 26, 2009

We met like 26 years ago in Sweden and you were just a kid. I remember you had a bicycle accident back in California and everybody was very concerned and now this happens!!

We hope that science will take a tremendous leap forward and that stamcells science will be able to regenerate the nerves you need to recover totally. Much love from Sweden

Asa and Rolf Beckman, Linderöd, Sweden

January 14, 2009

Dear Aaron, my son has his close friend in similar predicament if not worse as he was run over while on his bike and is paralysed from chest down ..he came to a big party we gave and showed much fun and mischiviousness for all to share and his life goes on with great support from his friends.We think of you, send you all healing thoughts and heart,I wish you all the best in your immense challenge and surely with your family the warrior in you will win a world battle for love and peace and whatever you choose! we did the xtreme spirituality course to become firemasters and learn huge amount about ourselves,we went to Hawaii for initiation to Huna and learned more ,to say life has a lot to teach us,good luck and much love from us here in the UK, sincerely yours Catherine
PS; we live in a democracy where someone like you will be supported by the state to which we all contribute(NHS) and how lucky we are.I hope Barack will take yours to this level of care,as health and education should be free for all!

Catherine Lillingston, U.K.

January 13, 2009

Hello Aaron,
I don''t have the pleasure of knowing you, Tolly or your Mom but I love the firewalk and the power and courage it brings to your heart!
Since you have lived the teachings,
I know that you will take the lemons and make lemonade!
Whatever happens in life, always interpret it as a blessing!
It’s a lesson hard to swallow, but this time you are leading through example!

Your friend,

Rey Martinez

Rey Martinez, San Diego, CA