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Sri Valarino, 59, is a devoted father, husband and friend. A graduate of UC Irvine, Sri has been a long-time supporter of his local community. Many people have benefited from his unflagging participation with youth teams and athletic and cultural programs. Sri has always enjoyed sports, dancing and the company of his family and good friends.

While skiing in Lake Tahoe on March 13, 2009, Sri had a terrible fall and broke his neck at C5 and cracked his C1 vertebrae. He was airlifted to Renown Hospital in Reno, NV and was fortunate to have surgery to repair his neck that night. Four days later, he had a rare postsurgery cerebellar stroke. These injuries left him with tetraplegia below the chest, along with inability to speak and swallow. He stayed at Renown in intensive care for 30 days, then was transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver, CO for almost 4 months of rigorous rehabilitation. When insurance funds were exhausted Sri was discharged from Craig in August to return home to California.

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May 21, 2017

May 20, 2017

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April 11, 2010


When Noël came home from Los Alisos to tell me that there was a kid sitting in front of him whose dad was from Venezuela and whose mom was from Ohio, I thought that he was pulling my leg! Then I met Sally and found out that it was true. Then Simón sat behind Sasha and history repeated itself. Meanwhile Noël and Xavi went on to play polo together and they both wound up at UCSB. What a small world!

I was sorry to learn of your accident and am praying for your recovery. I will not be at the party in person, but will be there in spirit.

All best wishes.

Gayle Vierma, Laguna Hills, CA

August 20, 2009

You are in our thoughts and prayers Sri - I admire your strength in the face of such adversity. We are sending our love to you all!!

Stephanie Gabbard - Bowling Green, KY

June 3, 2009

So glad something like this exists. More than happy to help out Sri. I am still in disbelief this has happened to you, such a great guy with a great family! Just keep praying, all is in the hands of the Lord.

Barbara Berry, Scottsdale, AZ