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Tim Needs Your Help

Imagine feeling like you are getting sick. You know the feeling. The first day, you feel slightly off. As your day progresses, though you’ve slept well, you have little energy and feel lethargic. Each day, you feel increasingly more drained and tired. Coworkers, with their brutal honestly, reinforce your feelings by telling you how terrible you look. Eventually, you give in and schedule an appointment with your doctor or head to an urgent care center. You expect to get some anti-viral medication or antibiotics and go home for the day.

Updates (1)

September 30, 2015

Hey everyone I had a kidney transplant In June. Everything is going good rt now. I'm eating those beans, bananas, potatoes, chocolate malts, nuts,... Don't even ask how all that tea, water, juice,.. is tasting whew wee.

thanks for your support! Now I see the Doctors, eat the meds and pay those pesky bills. Peace and love.



October 21, 2014

Transplant is life changing my son Nathan Bartz who lives in Whitefish got his kidney alittle over a year ago, he did very well. We only had to be in Spokane for two weeks and all other care has been done here in Flathead with Sacred Heart overseeing Good Luck Tim our prayers are with you.

Dawn Jacobson

September 26, 2014

Hope all goes well today, Tim! We're glad your case is moving forward and thinking of you!

Laura & Brian

September 26, 2014

Good luck tomorrow with your angiogram. We have lots of people sending positive thoughts your way!
Love you!