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I am writing you on behalf of my close friend and fellow dancer/aerialist Tresa Honaker. I had the honor of dancing and performing with AirAligned Aerial Dance Group under Tresa’s direction for nearly a decade. On January 11, 2012, Tresa’s ability to walk, let alone dance, came to a halt when she fell 15 feet onto an 8-inch crash mat. Tresa landed head first, severing her spine at T9 and breaking three ribs, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. She has been told she will never walk again.

Ms. Honaker was a lifelong athlete beginning with dance, gymnastics and diving as a youth. She returned to dance as an adult and became an accomplished performer and a dance educator. Tresa passionately pursued the study of aerial circus arts and then formed and trained her own aerial dance company called AirAligned. She has since influenced and inspired children and adults in our community to become their personal best through dance.

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June 30, 2016
February 5, 2016

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June 8, 2016

Hi Tresa, Hope the PT is going well. I am thinking about you and telling others about your progress.

Julie Lang

February 10, 2016

I am renewed in excitement by your progress and reclassification to partial rather than complete paralysis. I am hoping that others will help me in donating either individually or through my Nerium International anti aging business in which I donate half of all profits before taxes to your campaign. Congratulations. You were great on the radio and on TED talks. I am sure you are inspiring others by your efforts. Love, Julie Lang Nerium International Brand Partner and friend

Julie Lang

August 8, 2015

Thinking about you and wishing you well. Nerium Team is wishing you well and cheering on your progress

Julie Lang

April 6, 2015

Thinking about you as I am engaged full force in the Nerium Project to raise funds. I am hoping some of your friends and family will join us in this endeavor. Seeing you upright and walking assisted with the braces at SCI-fit makes me even more determined to match your effort.

Julie Lang