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Pat Needs Your Help

As many of you may know, Pat was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and told that her only chance at a healthy life was to have a kidney transplant. A single woman and a registered nurse for more than 30 years who has faced many challenges and obstacles in her life, Pat has always found time to assist others. She comes from a large family, and for various health reasons, none of her family members were eligible to be her living kidney donor.

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February 4, 2019

Hello Friends, Relatives, Social Workers and Fellow Nurses,

I have been well and thriving since last I wrote to you for help since my kidney transplant. I keep busy doing English as a second language and writing my book; "Everything Broken will be Understood."

My Spiritual Life continues in deepening ways and adds to the richness of my book. It will be a tribute to our humanity.

Recently, my eyesight has deteriorated and I had to leave my job. The income I received paid for healthcare: monthly pay to AARP, Medicare, and Epic, a discount program for medications.

I am taking multiple medications due to the transplant and have co pays in the case of certain doctors. Without the income from a job I will soon be up the creek. I am legally blind and there is not much hope I will find another job. My only income is strictly from Social Security. I am also now faced with some major dental work which must be paid totally out of pocket.

My situation is a little different than most since I am just a few dollars over the required level to eligible for Medicaid.

I do thank you for any insight into my anxiety over my tenuous financial situation.

I thank you so much for your generosity in the past. I again reach out for help with the Insurance costs with which I am faced.

Patricia Frame


March 10, 2019

I wish I'd known you better back in our Mahopac time. Your FB posts are enchanting and/or absolutely to the point. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this wrenching situation. We're Americans. We should be able to do better than this. God bless. Please count me a fan, admirer, and if you will, a friend.

Diane Quaid

August 7, 2014

Pat, My heart is with you, and my kidney would be also if I could. I hope you are writing. With love,

janet getler

December 28, 2013

Hey Pat! I am saddened to hear about your illness. I hope you can lick this thing, and get your masters. Remember when you didn't think you could be an RN? With the help of your friends and someone with the right kidney, you can make it. Don't give up.

Cathy Luse Cockey (best friend in high school)