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Dear Friends of David,

The year 2014 has been both a challenging and exciting year for David. During January, February and March his liver was losing more and more functionality. Near the end of March his liver and his life were ending. Through a miracle on April 3rd, he received a transplant and a second chance at life. David’s new beginning had a complication. It was found during the examination of his old liver that a cancerous tumor had broken through the liver into his micro vascular and lymphatic system. There were no other tumors present in his body; but David is now on a lifetime regimen of chemotherapy.

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May 6, 2017

May 2017,
The third year post transplant finds David anxious to return to the world of work. Even though he is still disabled, as his immune system is medically suppressed, he wants to get back in the swing. During his “retirement” he volunteered with SHIIP a program that offered Medicare counseling. Now he has opened Senior Health Insurance Brokers, LLC in Durham, NC to specifically meet the needs of seniors and those people on disability who qualify for Medicare.
On the personal side. David and Mary became grandparents for the first time last July.
Maintaining anti-rejection drug therapies along with anti-cancer drug therapies is financially crippling. One drug alone is over $6,000 per month. Insurance and assistance programs do not cover it all. Understand that your contributions are deeply appreciated. Thank you!

January 11, 2016

The year of 2015 was an exiting year. Through the involvement of David became a spokesperson for Affordable Care Act. He was featured and wrote an OpEd in the Washington Post. Was interviewed on MSNBC by Al Sharpton. Had several press conferences with members of congress. Attended the hearing at the Supreme Court involving the ACA and appeared on NBC national news the evening of the hearing.
David has started volunteering his time as a Medicare counselor to the local SHIP agency in Durham, NC to begin to give back what so many have given him.
He still has not been able to return to work due to issues that keep arising from his life saving transplant. The need for HelpHopeLive is still there. Please continue in your support.

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February 13, 2014

David, You're in our thoughts and prayers. Your Poly friends

Christine and Jack

February 13, 2014

Hi David: All your buds on Poly have your back! This is all going to work out OK....!

Mark & Jean P

February 13, 2014

Hey David, We are keeping you both in our prayers. Will talk soon.

Bob and Sue

February 13, 2014

David & Mary - just want you two to know how much I enjoyed my time there - it was especially a privilege to meet so many of your loyal customers & friends, including those who've had the same transplant! Keep it going - am glad you're ready - God Bless You!

Ron Patten