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Dear Family and Friends,

Some of you know that I suffer from Pulmonary Fibrosis. My doctors at the University of Virginia have told me that my only option is a life-saving double lung transplant. Three weeks prior to receiving my diagnosis, I lost my loving husband John. He was my best friend and strongest support system and I miss him very much. I am now on oxygen 24/7, I am no longer able to work and do many of the everyday things we all take for granted.

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February 22, 2014

I wanted to let all of my family and friends know, I got the call from UVA saying I am officially on the transplant list for new lungs. I have been to uva so many times in the last 15 months for test after test and scans, xrays and any other thing they could think of. I did everything they told me to do and now hopefully its all going to pay off. It all seems so unreal right now, I have a lot to digest and prepare for. Not to mention I am a little more than terrified. Thank you for all of the prayers you have sent my way and the donations to help me get through this. I love you all

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April 7, 2014

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. hoping that soon you will be on your way to healing and to with out your tether.

joe and jeannette

March 14, 2014

I am glad you got good news aunt Cathy!! I sent what I had!!! Love you lots!!!

Tanya Russell

February 24, 2014

Anna told us about your fundraising campaign. Just made a contribution and sent it with much love and hope and optimism!

Rick and Connie