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Bill Survived an Accident and Needs Our Help

We are writing on behalf of our father, Bill Wong, who taught my sister and I to be the best people we can be and to always respect those we encountered, for everyone is fighting their own battle. Now, our family is fighting its own battle. In October 2013, my father was involved in a devastating vehicle accident in China. He suffered a life-changing C5 spinal cord injury. He is paralyzed with no movement from the shoulders down. After seven months in hospitals in China, he is back in California, and needs extensive rehabilitation.

Updates (2)

May 19, 2014

Update: 5/19/14

Daddy been doing well at SC Valley Medical. Today is his 5th day there, he's getting adjusted. He's been practicing sitting on a wheelchair, at one point for 5 hours!... which is great considering he couldn't last 5 minutes before. It's great that he's getting out of bed every day. When he was in China for those 7 months, he had only used his wheelchair a total 3-4 times. They’re taking it pretty slow for now. He is to receive 3 hours of OT and PT , 6 days a week. The rest of the day is spent learning basic daily activities (eating, showering, dressing, etc.). The program is to help patients learn to become as independent as possible. Hopefully, daddy will be able to absorb as much as he can. His mood is pretty positive and he looks forward to these sessions.

He was able to get some sun yesterday in the courtyard.. after he got bored watching the heat game :p. My mom finally went home to take a break. She hasn’t been home since October, kind of scary how time flew. The younger sister’s high school graduation is this Friday already.. daddy won’t be able to make it.. we’ll try recording it for him though.

Now, we need to focus on applying for assistance. Looks like my mother will be his primary caretaker and we need to start looking into home modifications.

Thank you, everyone, that has supported us along the way. For all your love and prayers for my family. ♥

May 9, 2014

UPDATE: May 9, 2014

Our father is finally back in the US after 7 months.

He is currently staying at Stanford Medical Hospital and we are hoping to admit him into an Acute Rehab center but he suffered an ulcer sore from the plane ride that will delay our plans. He will need to be placed into a nursing facility to heal and then is reevaluated again. If our case manager and social worker are unable to find a nursing facility, then they will have to discharge him home. :[

Home isn't ready. We need to modify the house to accommodate the equipment he has yet to receive.

We need more time! Hoping for the better.

Thank you all that have donated here to support his recovery in the US!

Wong Family.