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Dear Family & Friends,

Five years ago, Robin LaRue Majors was diagnosed with hepatitis. This past October cancer was detected in his liver. His only chance for survival was a life-saving liver transplant. We have wonderful news to share with you. Robin received his “gift of life” and underwent a successful life-saving transplant. He and his family are extremely grateful and touched by the overwhelming generosity of his donor and the family of the donor.

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February 18, 2014

Thank you visiting this page and for your concern, support and prayers through Robin's transplant surgery and ongoing recovery.

This picture was taken weeks before learning of Robin's liver cancer diagnosis. The next several weeks were ones of coming to grips with the C word diagnosis, developing a plan of action with his medical team at Vanderbilt University Hospital, and gathering with immediate family over the holidays. Once added to the transplant list, there was barely any time to share with all the other loved ones in his life before receiving the call that a donor match had been found.

Although transplantation and recovery is not a walk in the park, it was an instant cure and today he is confirmed to be cancer-free! Glory be to God and for his blessings on all of those who have and continue to help him in his new life; especially the donor's family who we hope to meet one day. Please send up a prayer for them too.

Robin would like you to know how much your calls, messages, cards, gifts, etc. warm his heart and give him the strength to get through the rough patches. He is looking forward to being able to see each and every one of you soon!


January 29, 2017

Happy 3rd Re-Birthday Robin!!

Susie & Russ

January 29, 2016

Happy Re-Birthday Robin!!

Susie & Russ

February 12, 2015

May God hold you close..