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William Shakespeare once wrote,
“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”

These words only scrape the surface of how my Dad has lived and has taught those around him how to deal with life’s hardships. As he courageously faces the tough road ahead, we humbly ask you, our family and friends, to stand by us.

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July 16, 2014

Hello all! I figured it was about time to give everyone an update. Mark returned home May 23rd, 2014. His goal after being discharged from Shepherd Center, was to go home with the ability to walk. He reached that goal and walked into his home; a home that allows him to continue to regain his independence. All of these generous donations went towards much needed home renovations. Carpets were torn up to be replaced by hardwood floor, making it easier for Mark to get around. A stairlift was added so that he can go upstairs. The master bathroom was renovated to accommodate his handicap. A ramp was put up in the garage leading to a new doorway to enter the house. The donations also helped pay for both a manual and electric wheelchair. A hospital bed was also delivered.
All of these accommodations were made possible by all of you. I can not tell you how grateful we are. Amongst all of this chaos, we were able to remain in our home and didnt have to move to a small handicapped apartment.

Since arriving home, Mark has faced a number of setbacks, but he has kept fighting the good fight. Mainly he has struggled with several UTIs, spasms, and pain. Mark goes for walks and I help him with strengthening his arms, legs, and torso. He has been getting PT/OT one to two times a week. A lot of what he learns he brings back home, so that he can continue building his stamina and strength.

It has been a tremendous challenge for us to adapt to being back in Cincinnati. We have some support here, but nowhere near what we had in Atlanta. However we have pulled together and we take things day by day. A lot of love and much needed laughter has eased the transition into this new way of life. Mom, Dad, Joe and I could not have gotten to this point without your love, friendship, donations and acts of kindness. Please continue to pray and send good thoughts for my Dad. He has gotten far from where he was almost six months ago, but he still has a very long way to go. Visitors are always appreciated.
“We will encounter many defeats in life, but we must not be defeated!”

Love, Kelly

April 25, 2014

We anticipate Mark’s return home mid-May. With that in mind, there are many modifications necessary to make this transition go as smoothly as possible for Mark and Nancy. Our first priority right now is to replace the carpet with laminate flooring so his wheelchair will move easily. Your continued support is deeply appreciated. — Karen

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July 16, 2014

Mark, you have made amazing strides. You and your family are an inspiration of determination. Keep up the good work! Miss you!

Angie, Jeff, Jacob and Kally Meister

April 24, 2014

Mark, Our prayers and thoughts will be with you until you tell me its OK to stop. Keep pushing! Jamie

jamie kowalski

April 23, 2014

Love you Mark, we continue to pray for you and for complete recovery! Hope to see you soon. Dan

Dan Campbell

April 16, 2014

Nancy and family: Praying that Mark returns home soon

Julie Peddy