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Tim Had A Lung Transplant And Needs Your Help

Tim is a wonderful loving husband and father of 3 young children. Nine weeks ago, Tim was diagnosed with Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (UIP), an incurable and untreatable lung disease characterized by progressive scaring of both lungs. Five weeks after being diagnosed, Tim was admitted to the hospital with a massive flare up of the disease and was told that he would not be leaving the hospital until he received a lung transplant. Nine days later, on February 18th, Tim was blessed with his transplant. If it had not been for the love of a donor, Tim truly would not be here with us today. His condition was critical and he was on life support with the possibility of only one more week to hang on. We cannot thank than the donor’s family enough for this amazing gift to Tim and our whole family.

Updates (4)

March 26, 2014

Tim will be going to the in house rehab floor later this week.

He is doing really well! Kidneys and liver looks much better now. It seems like about once a week he needs a blood transfusion but again they say that is not out of the norm after this surgery. He is very anxious to get home! And he has asked the lung transplant coordinator when can he return to work? Which she responded lets focus on getting you through recovery first! There have been several bumps in the road but now it has been looking pretty smooth. Thanks to all of you for keeping Tim in your thoughts and prayers.

March 13, 2014

Tim got transferred at 2:00 am this morning to his new room on the floor. He is having some minor surgery tomorrow am at 7:30 for a very large hematoma (spelling?) on his right upper chest. Apparently the small drain they removed 3 days ago must have been clotted and they thought there was no more drainage in there and the blood is now pooled there. It looks terrible. He has so many bruises all over his body. So also because of that they had to give him more blood today. He is pretty pale and very tired so there was no PT today. He should be there on average 2 to 3 weeks still. The room is: 4SW (South West) room #23. I would say to wait a couple more days until you would like to visit. He is just so drained right now. He really needs a lot of sleep. He did not need anymore dialysis today because his "numbers look really good". So kidneys are getting better. His stomach still needs to wake up. It s hard for him to eat because he feels full all of the time even when he hasn't eaten anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him after the surgery. Thanks again to all!


March 17, 2014

So happy - sounds like things are really going well and you will all be under the same roof again soon!!! Kim you are doing an amazing job from the sounds of things - you just keep your chin up and your cape on!! And Tim, you keep on healing!! Thank you Jesus!! :) Take care!!

Jenny Brost

March 12, 2014

Many toughts and prayers have gone out to you from Ball FTA. Hope to see you back here soon. In case others wish to, I also wanted to note I used the Ball Community Ambassadors site to make my donation and take advantage of the company match to benefit Tim.


March 4, 2014

Glad to hear you have been moved to a "regular" room. :-) It sounds like your recovery is headed in the right direction. Take care Tim, and our thoughts are with you and your family.

Nadine Wright-Koser