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Rebecca Needs Your Support!

Our daughter, Rebecca (Becky) O’Doherty’s fight for her health has reached a critical point. After 10 years of treatment and testing she will undergo the second part of a transplant to repair her immune system, whose dysfunction has caused significant neurological, metabolic, gastrointestinal damage. After graduating from UNC and the Robertson Scholars Program in 2005, Becky committed her full passion and energy to working with young people at Appalshop in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Just as Becky was making significant progress on issues of poverty and educational attainment, she was forced to leave the work and young people that she loves to undergo full-time medical treatment .

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November 26, 2018

Hello Friends and Family!

On this Giving Tuesday we are filled with gratitude and have good news to share—

Rebecca returned home earlier this month from Nutech Hospital after her second transplant procedure.  She is doing remarkably well and is more stable and capable each day! The best news from this round of treatment is that Rebecca's most recent brain scan continues to show improved brain function and capacity.  All of the incredible gains she has made over the last nine months remain stable and there has been no sign of regression. This indicates her disease process has been arrested and her recovery of important neurological, immune, and metabolic functions will follow.  

Rebecca still requires repair in her optic nerve, liver, and metabolic system.  She will continue with daily physical and occupational therapy throughout the winter and return to Nutech Hospital for her LAST stem cell transplant in February.  

Today, National Giving Day, is a great day to join us in supporting the medical treatment of our beloved Rebecca O’Doherty with your donation.

A generous donor has pledged to match each dollar we raise between the beginning of November and the end of the year, so your donation will go twice as far!

Additionally, if you give today, Tuesday, November 27th, National Giving Day, Help Hope Live will generously cover the credit card fee for ALL your donations in honor of Rebecca made at!  

Please join us in supporting Rebecca’s medical treatment by making a tax-deductible donation through Help Hope Live.  As you may be aware, this treatment is costly, not covered by insurance, and every expense will be paid out-of-pocket.  Any size contribution will be greatly appreciated and donations made before December 31st are tax-deductible for 2018.

Thank you so much for keeping Rebecca in your thoughts and prayers - it has been a long road and we have been blessed with such extraordinary support each step of the way. Every donation (no matter the size) will be important and make a difference in Rebecca receiving critical medical care that is not covered by insurance. Our goal is for 100 individual donors to join us by the end of 2018.  Please join us in sending Rebecca off with well wishes for her next and LAST transplant!

With so much gratitude and love,

Gail and Amelia

Donations can be made at Rebecca's Help Hope Live webpage (this page)

or checks can be made payable to Help Hope Live

please note on the memo line “in honor of Rebecca O’Doherty”

This fundraising campaign in Rebecca’s honor has been established with HelpHope Live, a nonprofit organization that has been providing community based fundraising guidance to help patients and their families in need (assisting the transplant community) for over thirty years.  All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law and are held by Help Hope Live in the New York Stem Cell Transplant Fund. Donations are allocated based on financial need for medical expenses.

For more information contact Amelia Kirby at [email protected] or Gail O’Doherty at [email protected] or (516) 317-2847.

September 22, 2018

Dear Friends and Family, 

Thank You! 

The Strides for Recovery Walk went beautifully earlier this summer in New York and in Virginia! Check out these photos of our caring and wonderful walkers!   We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to join us and everyone who supported us virtually with your donations and good wishes!

Rebecca’s last stem cell transplant was 6 months ago and her improvement since then has been remarkable.  With the help of physical and occupational therapy she is regaining physical and cognitive function.  She will return to the hospital tomorrow for her second transplant so this progress can continue.  The most exciting news is that the two main biological markers in Rebecca’s labs indicating brain inflammation are normal for the first time in ten years!

We wanted to let everyone know that every donation (no matter the size) will be important and make a difference in Rebecca receiving critical medical care that is not covered by insurance. Our goal is for 100 individual donors to join us by the end of September in support of our Strides to Recovery Walk, and we’re over halfway to meeting our goal!  Please join us in making this happen and sending Rebecca off with well wishes for her next transplant!

With love,

Gail and Amelia

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November 30, 2021

Rebecca, you’re so loving and amazing. May your dreams come true!
Love you always.

Gail O’Doherty

November 30, 2021

Wishing you good health, Tebeccca

Norma Goetz

December 1, 2020

Andy & I wish for continual healing and health for Becky.

Lorraine Lapinski