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You Can Help Make a Difference in Paul’s Life

If you know Paul Rudawski, you know that he would do absolutely anything for absolutely anybody. His kindness and generosity have touched so many of us over the years, which makes it that much more difficult to continue with this letter.

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June 8, 2014

What a beautiful day!
My dad is home for good, exactly where he belongs. He said he took a wonderful nap in his OWN bed, he’s absolutely thrilled! He said he looks forward to doing what he wants instead of being told 🙂
God bless this day! He’s home!

June 8, 2014

My dad is coming home on Tuesday June 3rd! That’s all pending everything is ready with meds and equipment.
My God, he’s finally coming home. He couldn’t be more thrilled and he can hardly contain the excitement in his voice. Best news!!!
PS. Dad sings in church now, never did before! He said he sounds pretty darn good too!

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August 5, 2014

Paul, It's been many years since I've seen you but I always fondly remember the times we spent on your parent's farm. I wish the very best for you in your recovery and the best for all the Rudawski family.

Marilyn Tonon

June 8, 2014

Yehhhh uncle Paul I'm so proud of you, I knew that Rudawski drive was gonna kick in! The benefit and family reunion wouldn't be complete without you!


June 8, 2014

Happy Father's Day early. (JUNE 3RD ). So happy for The Rudawski family.

The Vanek's

June 8, 2014

Hi, Second Cousin Paul!! We are sure you will be flipping Pauly Cakes by next year's Family Reunion. Love and Prayers, Your Minnesota Cousins, Roger and Vicki

the Bont Family