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Larry had a heart transplant but he still Needs Your Help!

Dear Friends and Family,

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October 29, 2014

Update: Dad is doing great! We are all feeling and dealing with the struggles of the daily regimen of pills (and insulin) and the crazy amount of doctor appointments, but even that is starting to die down. Mood swings and general frustration, which we all expected. Overall though he's doing really great. I think our local firehouse actually misses seeing him ;)

The fundraising continues though! Stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser in December....something active and Santa related!

If you're interested in helping out, or donating for a raffle or supplies let me know!

Lots of love - Nikki

July 14, 2014

Hi everyone! I know I've been keeping everyone updated on Facebook but I promised to do it here as well.

On Sunday, July 5th Dad got a call from Stanford letting him know he was on standby for a heart, and that we would know in 2 hours whether it was for him.

Almost exactly 2 hours later they called back and said it's yours and to be at Stanford at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday.

It was quite the day. We got there at 5:30am, Dad was admitted by 6 or so, and then the watiing began. Dad finally went into surgery at 12:30pm that afternoon.

Mom, Dustin and myself (Chris had the girls and was watching the pups for us), waited at the hospital a grueling 11 more hours before we got the great news that Dad had made it and was doing really well!

Fast forward to today (8 days later), and they are already talking about releasing him from the hospital because he is recovering SO quickly and SO successfully.

The Delucchi family really can't thank you all enough for the thoughts, prayers and donations the last few months. Dad can now live a full and healthy life and make up for the 11 years he's been sick. This has all been nothing short of a miracle. And thank God for the donor, what a generous and wonderful gift he or she has given.

I wanted to let eveyrone know that the fundraising doesn't stop here though! Dad will have lifelong expenses due to the doctor check-ups and all the meds he will be on now. So, the July 26th and 27th Garage Sale is still happening. Please doate items you no longer need! The flyer can be found below. Thank you again everyon!!! XOXOXO the Delucchi Family!

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July 15, 2014

Hey there Mr. Delucchi,
Don't know if you remember me, I went to school with Nikki and used to play basketball at East Ave Park all the time. Hope all is well with you and hope this transplant makes the difference you need. You are in my family's thoughts and prayers. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight! Take care...

Brian Sonnenfelt

July 14, 2014

hi Larry I have tears of joy right now as I write this my prayers are being answered your doing just great. I love you very much. My dad and two sisters ask about you every day.

Debbie Montague

May 20, 2014

Hello Larry just going through my facebook stuff and click on this link and surprise YOU jumped out. LOL I dont know if you remember me but i certainly remember you. Sorry to hear your sick keeping my fingers crossed and sending prayers your way. Hope all goes well keep everyone posted. Let us know if we can help.

Friends for life
Verna Carter

verna carter