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Chad Needs Your Help!

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

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July 12, 2014

Dear Carl, Chad, wife and family please know that my heart breaks because of this tragic accident. Not a day goes by without praying for your recovery Chad. I know we have never met, but I know you through your Dad and think the world of him. I also know if he could take your place he'd do it in a heart beat. Just so you know I am trying to raise funds through business connections and friends and family to help with the cost of the transportation you need and medical expenses. I was soooo happy to hear you are moving your knees inward and your biceps, like your Dad said something is firing up! Keep your spirits up and know there's angels all around you. You and your family are in my constant thoughts and prayers,

Mary Anne Sharkey

July 9, 2014

Dear Chad,
I have friend that is paralyzed from the chest down. Through hanging out with him I have realized that god made all this happen for a reason and it wasn't punishment. It was love. You are paralyzed because god loves you and wants you to realize that there are other ways of walking. He's telling you right now,you are okay,you are loved . It he caused you to be paralyzed, not the devil. He paralyzed you to show you that you're not in control. Get ready because your life is about to change and you might like it more than you think.


May 11, 2014

prays for a full miracle recover