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As many of you already know, on Saturday, March 15, 2014, Libby experienced a traumatic car accident which left her with a C5, C6 spinal cord injury.

That same night, she was airlifted to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia where the doctors performed two surgeries: posterior and anterior fusions of C5 & C6 vertebrae. Both surgeries were successful in stabilizing her spine to prevent any further injury. Due to the location of her injury, Libby was paralyzed from the chest down, with some movement in her shoulders, biceps, triceps and wrists only.

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February 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

The time is quickly approaching for our fifth annual Love.Live.Give. event.

This past year we are happy to report that Libby had no major life-threatening illnesses and has stayed out of hospitals! Hooray! After last year’s setbacks she was able to do PT at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation, which is only a stone’s throw away from her home. Once or twice a week she continues to go to Fighting Back. It is a wonderful organization started over twenty years ago by Scott Dillman to initially provide rehab and strengthening to wounded veterans.

Everyone has New Year’s resolutions. After watching the Winter Olympics, Libby is pondering which event she will participate in for the 2022 games. As part of her training she is “riding “her stim bike three times a week. Are there Senior categories? Don’t tell her that there are not.
Exciting news is that in March, Libby is scheduled to have a long-awaited hand surgery. It will give her use of a thumb and index finger, improving her hand function significantly.

The highlight of 2017 for Joe and Libby was the birth of their granddaughter, Charlotte Mary (aka Charley). She is the only princess among five princes. The second highlight was the addition of another female- Zoey. She is now Libby’s nine-month-old, 60-pound, English Cream Golden Retriever, who thinks she’s a lap dog!

April 27th is just around the corner. We hope you will join us for this fundraising event to help with the high annual costs of her care and ongoing rehabilitation. Her achievements (improvements?) would not have been possible if it were not for generosity. The majority of the funds go to help defray the huge amount paid for round the clock people to assist her. We promise a night of friendship, renewed friendships, delicious food, spirits, music and dancing. Look for many auction items, including vacation destinations. Now is such a dreary time of year, why not let yourself dream of a warm location for a respite!

We look forward to seeing many of you on this special night and thank you for supporting Libby in past years.

Team Libby Judge

July 23, 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since Libby’s car accident on March 15th, 2014, which resulted in a C5, C6 spinal cord injury. Due to the location of her injury, Libby is paralyzed from the chest down, with some movement in her shoulders, biceps, triceps and wrists only. She has limited movement of her hands with no movement in her fingers.

We want to thank you for your love, support and generosity. It’s not only helped Libby, but the entire family, get through what was without question the hardest year of our lives. We are very blessed to have such a large and caring community. Thank you again.

The past year+ has been extremely trying for Libby, which included 9 surgeries and 4 different places that became her temporary “home”, one if which (Magee) she broke a record for being the longest tenured patient in history (hey, we’ll take a win where we can get one!). Libby had to deal with both physical and emotion tragedy, many moments of despair and hopelessness, obstacles, setbacks, frustratingly slow progress, and she did so with grace, a ton of courage, a sense of humor, and amazing support from family and friends. Again, we say thank you.

About 1 month ago, she was fortunate enough to be able to move back home (although very different) to a beautiful addition equipped with modifications to help her adapt to her needs and whole new way of living with her spinal cord injury. She is happy to be home, and still adjusting to it all. Libby has full time nursing care at home and goes to therapy 3x a week. This is all only possible because of the generation donations that have been made by so many over the past year.

Even with insurance, Libby will have many uninsured injury-related expenses such as: co-pays and deductibles, additional therapy, monthly medical supplies, caregiver expenses, home modifications and modified transportation to allow her access to her community, just to name a few. The CDC estimates that an individual living with a spinal cord injury will have between $500,000 and $3 million dollars in lifetime out-of-pocket expenses.

With Love,
Libby’s Family

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July 17, 2018

Hi Libby and Joe, I am so sorry I could not make it this year to the friends and family gathering of love for the two of you and your family ... especially because I missed seeing you, Libby. 'Wishing you both the very best in the next year and to your beautiful family with Princess Charley to add to your joy. (I have 11 great nieces ...still waiting for the prince in my family!) I will look forward to joining in again next year. Much love and good luck, Libby, with your training for 2022! xo Joanne

Joanne Meyers

July 17, 2018

Our prayers and love are with you. The Buchanan family

Carmie Buchanan

July 17, 2018

We are so sorry that we can't be with you on the 27th and we send our best wishes for your continued recovery and improvement in your mobility. All the best Libby. We miss you and love you. Bob and Pam Thomas Johns Creek, Georgia

Bob and Pam Thomas

November 29, 2017

It was so wonderful seeing you yesterday at Paddle. You are such an inspiration and great example of faith, your spirit has never shined brighter.

Jean Kane