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Gibson started out life in the NICU with breathing and blood sugar issues. Those soon resolved and he developed jaundice. He was released from the hostpital at a week old. A few months later we noticed that he was getting more yellow again and took him to the doctor. This began our journey into the world of Biliary Atresia. It is a liver issue with an unknown cause.

Babies are born with normal bile ducts and then they go away. There is a procedue called the Kasai, named after the doctor that developed it, that if done early enough can help the liver recover and function in a somewhat normal way. Gibson had this surgery at 8 weeks. The surgeon was hopeful that Gibson would not ever need a liver transplant or only later in life.

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December 6, 2017

Gibson is dealing with his second ear infection of the season. He’s been free of ear infections for almost 2 years since he got tubes placed. One of the tubes fell out this summer and now that ear keeps getting infected. His Dr has sent a referral to ENT and he will hopefully be getting a new set of tubes. Due to it being so close to the end of the year, I don’t think he will even be seen before our insurance plan year restarts. He has met our out of pocket maximum for this year but if the tubes get placed next year, his totals will have cleared out.

With this as well as the increase in his medication cost from 50 per month to 200 per month, we could use any help you can give.

Thank you for your donation

October 30, 2017

Gibson is doing really well. Even though he’s doing well, we still meet his out if pocket maximum of 2500 each year. The cost of his medication is going up this year to over double per month that we have been paying since his transplant.

Most of the funds that have been donated thus far have been spent in the past four years since we started this campaign.

Please donate if you can, every cent we get from this goes directly to Gibson’s medical bills. The bonus for you is that you get a deduction on your taxes.

Thank you

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July 29, 2013

Thoughts and prayers coming your way for little Gibson!