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Support Terry and Leanne as They Support Each Other

Terry Simmons has battled kidney disease for 14 years. Doctors at Mayo have been able to help, however they advised Terry, and his wife Leanne that eventually the disease would progress to kidney failure and that Terry would need a kidney transplant.

Updates (1)

June 4, 2014

As of Friday, we are 2 weeks post op! The surgeries went as planned and we are both feeling better day by day. We are grateful that my kidney is working for Terry! Now that he is less painful from surgery, we are starting to see the positive effects of this for his quality of life. Tomorrow, I go for my 2 week post op appointment and hope to be cleared to not have to return. Terry continues to go back weekly to U of M for follow up, next week a stent will be removed and of course on-going bi-weekly lab work to detect early signs of rejection so that medications can be adjusted. We pray that we just keep moving forward! Thank you to our friends and family for their dedication and commitment in supporting us with their prayers and assistance!


May 18, 2014

We'll be thinking of both of you. We wish you all the best!

Doug & Nancy Clark