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Matthew Losh Needs a Kidney Transplant and Needs Your Help

Matthew’s kidney disease, IGA nephropathy, was found when he was barely a teenager. Despite his diagnosis, Matt was able to live a normal life and do the things he wanted. He joined a local rescue squad and fire department, loving the rush of pulling onto the scene of a fire, traffic accident, or other emergency situation. When Matt graduated from high school, he had dreams of becoming a paramedic through Western Carolina University’s EMC program.

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December 13, 2014

We found out today (7 days before our scheduled transplant surgery) that Matt doesn’t qualify for the Medicare coverage he is supposed to be entitled to because he in in end-stage renal failure and as a result, we may have to cancel our surgery date. We knew he didn’t qualify for this when we first began this process. He has tried to apply for these benefits multiple times and been denied despite the financial coordinator insisting that he does qualify. The reason he does not qualify is because he has not worked enough years to pay in the minimum to receive benefits. He also cannot qualify under his parents because he is not longer their dependent. Basically, because he is a productive member of society and pays his own bills at 24 years old he doesn’t qualify. If he didn’t work and collected disability, he would qualify no problem.

The problem in not qualifying for Medicare does not affect his surgery. It affects the donor. By federal law, Insurance companies cover donors for 30 days after surgery for follow-up visits and complications. Usually, Medicare takes over after 30 days. Because Matt does not qualify for this, that leaves 100% of expenses to be paid by the recipient after the 30 days is over. The risk of complications is low, however, the transplant team pulled the cost of a hernia repair 9 months after surgery done this year and the cost was $34,000. Obviously we do not have this kind of money lying around in case something does happen.

In order for surgery to go as planned, we need to raise money to cover follow-up costs for the donor and money for potential complications should they arise. Please donate to us if you feel it in your heart to do so. We need your help!

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January 3, 2015

Doing something a little different this year for Christmas gifts, we made a donation in honor of our family members. We will keep you in your thoughts and prayers.


December 18, 2014

Good luck man!

Sgt. S.R.

December 18, 2014

I'm praying for a successful procedure and speedy recovery for both of you!

Brooke Chambers

December 18, 2014

Hoping for the best this Christmas season!

David, Beth, Tyler, and Evan Frintner