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Steven Autrey has silently suffered with health problems most of his life. As a teenager he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Years later, after he had been married just over a year, he discovered his Crohn’s had caused liver disease and he would need a liver transplant. In June 1998, he got his first transplant. This life saving gift allowed him to be blessed with two beautiful daughters. In the time since his first transplant and over the last 16 years, he has developed diabetes, kidney disease and once again liver disease.

This past year, Steven’s health has declined as he deals with worsened fatigue, jaundice, severe weight loss and other symptoms. Steve was accepted to the Charleston, SC transplant program and was listed in August 2014 for a liver and, later, a kidney transplant, as well. This required them to temporarily move to Charleston that same month.

Updates (13)

May 10, 2015

Steven continues to heal beyond expectations and is doing very well! He is so very thankful for all of the support and continued prayers. It is because of these things that he is now able to start a new life. The family plans to return home in June.

April 8, 2015

On March 14, 2015, we were blessed with the news that someone who had chosen to provide the gift of life was a match for Steven and he successfully received a liver and kidney. He will continue to be monitored over the next few months during his recovery and continued treatment before eventually moving back home to the Austin area. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!


May 19, 2015

God bless you and your family. You are in all our prayers at Anderson Family Dental.

Dr. Charles Anderson, Dr. Brett Anderson and

May 19, 2015

May God continue to bless you with family & friends who support you through this difficult times.

Hope Organic Salon & Spa (Hopie Anderson)

September 15, 2014

The fundraiser was great. My family was honored to be there. So much credit goes to those young women who planned it (one is my lovely niece!} We are praying every day that the wait is short. Let's get this on the road!!!!