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In February of 2014, my dear dad, John Gnall, had a skiing accident that changed his life forever. After a life spent enjoying the outdoors and helping others, he is now a quadriplegic and faces a future with many obstacles. His rehabilitation began well, but regressed after the first few months of acute therapy. He returned home for a brief time in 2014, but a series of infections resulted in him returning to various hospitals. In addition to the initial surges in 2014 to keep him alive, John then underwent other surgeries in 2015 and was in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities. These last six years have been especially difficult for both him and my mom, Delia, to say the least. However, the generous donations of friends and family to this Help Hope Live fund have been incredible and our entire family is extremely grateful!!! With the initial funds, my parents were able to upgrade their handicap-accessible van and pay for some additional hours of home-care providers.

Fast forward to 2020: My dad is still home with my mom, as his primary caregiver, and the assistance of a daily personal health aide. The aide is at the house for three hours in the morning and my mom takes care of dad the other twenty-one hours. Due to additional health issues, it is becoming more difficult for my mom to care for my dad, my sister, and herself. Also, with the current pandemic situation, our family does not want to send my dad to a nursing facility. Therefore, our family has decided to use the Help Hope Live funds in order to renovate my home and make it wheel-chair accessible and comfortable for my dad, so that my dad, mom, and sister can move in with us.

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May 10, 2017

Dear members of the John Gnall’s Fund raising.

I promised I was going to keep you undated on John’s special events–not too much to tell on our daily routines–about a special search that I was doing for him. This “possibility” had to do with a special surgery performed in Europe and researched by a US doctor in California, that promised to be a wonderful possibility to help John walk again. Sadly, and after many phone calls and emails with the doctor/s that know about this surgery, we can not do anything.

US hospitals are not willing–or ready–to implement Dr. Goldsmith’s theory and research for SCI recipients and the cost to go to Europe is completely out of our range. But I’ll never give up and will continue researching to see if there is any remote possibility to help John.

Hard to imagine, we have already been in Qtown, for more than six months! That been said, we are, still, getting accustomed to the new life style…and boxes in the garage still unopened! Hopefully, with new and warmer weather, I will be able to start digging and clearing my path to the water spigot so that I can water my yard!

I do promise to send you pictures of John in the near future…(I don’t seem to find the time/energy to go beyond my regular routines!)

Again, thank you for all your love and generosity toward my John and the rest of our family.

Love you,


March 2, 2017

Dear family and friends. Just finished reading all the wonderful e-mails you’ve sent to John over the years. Some of you already have my e-mail, however, for those of you unable to contact us any other way, please take note of my e-mail: [email protected] Once again, thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. I am working on something for my John that, if it could become a reality it will be wonderful for him–and the rest of us. Shall keep you posted once the entire plan is ready. Please know that your monetary support will be the reason for this plan to become a reality. Love you all.
By the way, John is doing very well, thank God.


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December 21, 2016

Hey John: It's Debbie Mancini, your Project Manager Trainee. Looks like you have had a couple of challenging years. Knowing you I bet you are determined to get back to a better life. Debbie Baynard let me know about your condition and sent me this site along with your wife's e-mail address. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Universe is going away. Do you believe it? We are moving to a new system called NAV. You would be having a ball, lots of detail to move and account for. I'll keep you updated on our progress. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May 2017 find you stronger, healthier and smiling your lovely smile.

Debbie Mancini - Celeste

October 14, 2016

A few days ago Frances and I were talking about AF friends we had lost contact with for a number of years. You and Delia were mentioned. Somehow, she discover your blog. Obviously, we had no idea of your accident. Our prayers are with you and your family. Please, say hello to Delia. If you feel like a dropping a line the following is my email address: felipetomas Take care!


May 29, 2016

Keep up the good spirit. Remember the rice and beans and the Don Q. Your old friend, David

David E. Gomez

May 28, 2016

Hello John, It's been a long time. I appreciate your mental and emotional toughness to get as far as you have. It is inspiring. I too was confined to a wheelchair 20 years ago as a para. Fortunately, I've regained some of my leg strength again, and try to work on all of those nerves that are still willing to fire up. I use orthotics that help make it easier to get around. I was lucky. You are a fighter and this is one of those awful hurdles that life throws. You can uncover a world that you didn't want but can grow in, especially with support groups. I find people like Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hawking and earlier Chris Reeve to be inspirations on what the mind can accomplish under the most challenging circumstances. I wish you and your family the very best my friend. Steve

Steve Irwin