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Keith Jones, a loving and dedicated 49 year-old father of five, was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease in 2001 at the age of 29. In 2003 he began dialysis treatments and after almost five years on dialysis, Keith received his first kidney transplant in April 2008. Keith caught the flu in December 2012 and its’ effects caused Keith’s new kidney to go into rejection. Even though many treatments were used to try and reverse the rejection, Keith has been told that he is now in need of a second transplant.

Athletics were a key part of Keith’s high school and college years. Today, many local kids know him as “Coach Keith” as he works with both youth football and basketball teams in his community. And that’s not to forget the hundreds of kids he has coached over the years as a youth instructor at the Bethlehem YMCA or as a personal sports trainer to many of the local youth student athletes. Keith is looking forward to continuing coaching and supporting the youth in his area, and having an important role in his children’s lives.

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February 20, 2016

Yay, your goal has been reached.


February 20, 2016

i gave 3 thousand


February 11, 2016

You got this Keith, and we got your back! You did it once, Lord knows you can and will do it again. You'll get that kidney, Coach! Gotta keep those little hoopsters going!

Holly Friedman Pron