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Many people in the Macon, Georgia area have told our family that they are blessed to have Mary Pioli in their lives. What very few people know is that Mary has been fighting a 15 year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with courage, grit, and determination to overcome this disease. Now that the lymphoma has invaded her bone marrow, treatment options are dwindling; Mary needs a bone marrow transplant urgently.

A Special Education teacher at the Howard Middle School, Mary has touched the lives of her many students and parents, and faculty and staff. As a part-time cashier at Publix grocery store, Mary is known for her efficiency and friendliness. Mary is a loving wife to her husband Marty and a dedicated mother to their three children Madeline, Kyle, and Grace. You will find her cheering them on and supporting their varied academic and sports activities.

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April 18, 2015

Here we are 6 months post transplant!! This week, Mary underwent testing to get the latest update on her progress. We are hoping for the very best news of course, but with guarded optimism as her doctors continue to emphasize the list of GVHD symptoms to look out for. While still in isolation recovery at home, Mary is anxious to return to a normal life. Until she is able to go back to work, the financial support of this fund keeps them afloat. There are no words to express how grateful we are for those who contributed and continue to do so in order for Marty and Mary to land on their feet after this ordeal, which is not over. We are so blessed to have such loving and giving friends and family who provide constant support for Mary and Marty through HelpHOPELive. We ask for your continued prayers and financial support as we try to reach our goal of $30,000 which will provide this family with help in paying Mary's medical costs and maintaining a home for their kids to come home to. Both Mary and Marty are looking forward to the return of their kids at the end of the school year and moving on from this chapter. Please keep the prayers coming and check back frequently as we try to reach our goal! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Maryrose Pioli Adamek

February 26, 2015

Maryrose Pioli Adamek's Journal Entry:

Mary is progressing with her recovery at home in Macon! She is still required to stay in full-time isolation indefinitely. We are very grateful for all of the prayers and support which have carried this family through such a catastrophic illness. Please continue with prayers and/or financial support for her as she and Marty still face the financial challenge of sustaining their home, utilities, cobra payments, and uninsured out-of-pocket medical costs that continue while she is unemployed. Thank you so much!!

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June 9, 2020


We are trying to locate Richard since he has not answered our phone calls and hope everything is OK. Please contact us and let us know what is going on.


Judy & Mitch from Regency Oaks in Clearwater, FL.

January 8, 2020

In honor of Marty & Mary Pioli

Roger Killen

June 22, 2015

Mary, you look GREAT! All of the Samuel Street Moms always envied how awesome you look bald. Marty looks the same. We would never recognize the kids. You are in our prayers!

Love, Laura and Kate