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A New Heart for Christmas!

My brother, Matthew Gross, received the most magical gift for Christmas. My brother received his new heart. On Christmas Eve, 2015, Matthew received the phone call we have been waiting for since April 2014. His transplant was complete on Christmas morning.

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January 1, 2016

What a week it has been!

Matthew received “THE CALL’ on the night of 12/23 and was on the road to Stanford a little after midnight.

At 6:00 am on Christmas Eve, they started hours of tests to ensure the donor heart was a good match. At approximately 3:30 pm, two nurses came in the room with Santa hats on and yelled “Merry Christmas Matt! It is a match!”. The best Christmas present anyone could receive!

On Christmas morning at about 5:45, Matthew’s new heart was beating. It is truly a Christmas miracle. Haylie, Matthew’s niece, called it “Christmas magic”. We all agreed.

Now, a week later, Matthew is out of ICU and starting the road to recovery. He is in high spirits and extremely positive. Both Matthew and Jaclyn can now plan their future together.

This family has been truly blessed.

I realize another family is mourning this Christmas about the loss of their loved one. They have given us the ultimate gift of life and I will be forever grateful. I hope that knowing their loss has given life to another provides some level of comfort in this difficult time.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated on his progress.

December 16, 2014

12/15/14: Had a great time at the Placerville Christmas Parade last Sunday. We rode on the Donate Life float which promotes organ donation and registration. Met some GREAT people! Photos are located in Matthew’s Photo Album

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December 31, 2015

Best Christmas present anyone could ask for! My brother got his heart transplant! The next two weeks will be the most crucial. Now the the transplant has happened, it's time to start fundraising again. Any little bit will help.. All donations go right to Matt in support of the transplant. Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts

Stephanie Allen

July 16, 2014

Love you so much uncle Matt, I ask my mom to see you everyday. Like this morning so my mom just showed my pictures of you. Oh yeah and my mom love you very much too.

haylie jo (your 3yr old niece) & stephanie your little sis

July 16, 2014

Matt-- You're the most amazing man I know and I'm gonna be one of the loudest cheerleaders in your camp!!!! I love you lots CUZ!

Holly Degner