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On March 11, 2015 Jeannie received a left lung Transplant she needed! Thank you to her wonderful Angel Donor Male aged 46! She doesn’t know his name, so Jeannie calls her lung Buddy.

Jeannie loves spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She was always a nurturer, helping others whenever she could. She doesn’t like to ask for help, but with the cost of her post-transplant prescriptions rising and complications from the medications, travel costs, copays and non-insured costs, she needs help.

Updates (4)

June 21, 2016

Hi this is Jeannie! I'm doing okay however I have been diagnosed with other diseases that are complications to having a lung transplant. My medicines have been rising in cost constantly. I am now diabetic and need insulin and my mitral valve in my heart is leaking so I might need open heart surgery. I am now stage 3 kidney disease if I hit stage 4 I will need dialysis. Other than those setbacks my life is pretty good. I can walk without oxygen I lost about 60 pounds and I feel pretty good most days. I could still use your help monetarily because the rising cost of prescriptions has us going almost bankrupt. Please help if you can. May God bless my donor and his family. Thank you!

March 18, 2015

Jeannie was graced with a left lung on 3/11/15. She now needs help paying for her life long medication that costs over $1000 a month. Any help is appreciated


March 21, 2015

Jeannie I am praying every day for you & your family. You have helped me in my journey more than you know. I love your spirit & your kindness. GOD BLESS YOU. I pray you will be home with your loving Denny, soon. Hugs hun.

Tammy Adkins Pearson

March 18, 2015

Sending prayers for a speedy recovery! We have never met, Jeannie, but I went to PAHS with Denny. You have such a beautiful smile! God bless!

Jody Miller Zscheck

December 6, 2014

Good luck