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Despite what Al is going through he is still vibrant and full of life. 3 years ago his life took a complete turn when he was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. He has been on dialysis for the last 3 years and now has a kidney donor and is ready to move forward with his transplant. Surgery is scheduled for December 1st!!

Al grew up in Milpitas, CA and has many longtime friends, from when he was a boy and who he now considers family. He loves to get on his Harley and take a ride as often as he can to enjoy the beautiful scenery we are so blessed to have here in Northern CA. I think his favorite thing to do is fish with his son, Josh. Seeing them together doing what they love always warms my heart and I pray every day they have many years to together. This can happen with your help.

Updates (4)

March 28, 2015

Since the transplant on December 1, 2014 Al is doing great. A whole new life a whole new start….NEVER GIVE UP ALWAYS HAVE HOPE & FAITH!!

Thank you for all of the love and support!!!

December 22, 2014

Al and I went through the surgery on December 1st and with the grace of God he is doing amazing!! We are so blessed and thankful for the transplant team at UC Davis and for all of our family and friends showing so much love and support throughout the last 3 years. His new journey now begins, he still has some healing time, but there is future looks great!!