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Give Charles the gift of life

Charles Arthur is a 58 year old man who has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a respiratory disease in which scars are formed on the lung tissue which causes serious breathing problems. Currently there is no medical cure for pulmonary fibrosis and the only treatment is receiving a lung transplant. Charles needs your help, in order to get onto the transplant list. He will need to have two years of insurance covered until Medicare takes care of the medical cost. One year of insurance is covered, however it will still require around $20,000 to take care of the insurance cost to get onto the transplant list. Charles has worked as a union steelworker for 36 years and has helped his union brothers in time of need and now he needs help to keep enjoying life as he is getting closer to retirement. Charles has been a good father and husband to his family and worked hard all his life to provide for his loved ones, surely we can come together and work to provide him peace of mind in this very troubling time in his life.

Updates (1)

April 28, 2015

I had my transplant on 1/29/2015. Thank the Lord for this blessing. I am still rehabbing but am doing great! Thanks to the few people who were kind enough to help me out. Times are tough trying to live on short term disability. I am really disappointed at my union brothers on the national level! They did nothing to help me after all that talk about being there for union brothers. Well the truth is in the numbers! Just look at mine. It really makes me wonder why I stuck by them for so long. Then to see people donate more to someone for a recipe than to someone in my situation is sad at best. But that’s ok – I will keep on with what I have to do to survive. I wish the best for anyone going through what I am going through. – Charles


October 14, 2014

Keeping you in prayers charles


October 6, 2014

I just donated a little bit to you and I love you so much dad.


October 6, 2014

Hoping my little bit helps a lot, Chuck. And looking forward to hittin' 'em for many years to come!


October 6, 2014

We're here for you!