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Please help Eloise get her lung transplant — her gift-of-life!

Eloise Keatts, a member of Pilgrim Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA, has struggled with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Emphysema for many years and is in need of a life-saving lung transplant to live.

Updates (4)

May 4, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone I have had my lung reduction on my right side in June. I am doing okay. My side effects is a lot of nerve damage in different places and sleepless night. Pain is something is awful most of the times. But one day my pain will get better. I am still taking alot medications and my medications has increased. Thank God I am here. I have 3 great doctors take awesome care of me but the number 1 doctor in my life is God! He is everything to me. I Thank God for my family, friends few of the churches and you all. So many of you have given me donations and I do not know who you are. All the love, support, caring, kindness I can go on and on. Doctors looking at left side reduction in the future and later on lung transplant. Thank for your prayers and donations! And when I spoke about the churches few of the churches respond to my letter and I cannot Thank you all enough and Bright Image surprising me with a fundraiser!

February 3, 2017

Hello Everyone, Giving update today on what I been going on since my last update: I have been going to the Doctors more frequently. I am going to others specialist now. My health since last update has been a challenge. My fundraisers need donations to help with my overdue bills.

I was admitted in the hospital in October for 1 week for Chronic Respiratory Failure and Chronic Bronchitis

I was admitted in December and January 2017 for Lung Failure causing Loss Of Breath and Chronic Bronchitis for a week.

Please if anyway donate everyday I am spending out of my fundraisers, Thank you