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Dean Needs Your Help!

In May 2014, Dean Wyrick was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease (ESLD). He is very ill and doctors have told us a liver transplant is his only hope for survival. Though transplants are life-saving the cost is overwhelming. He needs your help.

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February 6, 2015

Monday we went for labs and a cardio pet test. The result are his MELD score is now at a 20. (((When we found out he was sick it was a 17- last month a 19.))))

They now want to do a heart cath to look more at his heart.

So on Monday the 9th we go to the oral surgeon and spend the night in Atlanta and have the heart cath at 9:00 a.m., both at Emory.

I will update everyone after that. Please include us in your prayers Love to you all!!! ~Sherry

February 6, 2015

Dear Donor:

I need a liver and one day you will be a part of me. I promise to live a life that will make us both proud and I will never stop thanking you when I pray at night. I will be working hard towards recovery while you will be walking on streets of gold with those YOU have lost. We will forever be linked and you will unknowingly be the best friend I have ever had though we will have never met face to face. Please watch over me from your perch in the heavens and know that you have truly made those who love me so very happy and humbled me as a man. I know I will have future shortcomings but I honestly hope that when my time comes you will put in a request to meet me at the gates along with Our Heavenly Father and those beloved family members and friends who have gone before me. I am in no hurry to go to my final home, but when I do, I can't wait to meet and thank you. Until then, you take your time, be happy and I love you even though you are a stranger to me....for now. DDWJR

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