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Hello Supporter,

My name is Marlene Medina and this August it has been 10 years since the accident that left me a quadriplegic with C4, C5 spinal cord injury. Before the accident I loved working as a dental assistant and waitress and enjoyed working with people. Despite my situation, I am determined to make my dreams come true. I am determined to purchase a modified van so that I can help others in need with transportation which is the most frustrating aspect of my current situation – not having some independence.

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May 28, 2016

Hello I'm Marlene's mother Barbara thank u for ur time reading her needs the most important is trying to get her transportation to all her medical appointments and many other important places I know it's going to happen one da she will not to b waiting for a long period of time to get from here to there again Thank u in so many ways u will get bless rewarding from our Lord Jesus Christ Amen .with lot's of loving care MoM.

Barbara Gallardo

April 19, 2016

Hey Marlene, your words are inspiring. May God bless you with a 'supernatural' miracle.

Your neighbor, Joe

March 29, 2016

Hey Marlene. You have a great sense of humor and an inspiring attitude about life. This world could use more genuine people such as yourself. Please continue to have a positive influence on those you meet and enjoy your life


December 19, 2015

Thanks for reading my story an please help me full my dreams to become true means alot to me i appreciated with all my heart an soul you start donation to get my van