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In May 2014, following a motor vehicle accident that left him paralyzed, Tom Nowell continues to work hard to maintain his strength and function. Diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Tom has negligible abilities of his upper and lower extremities. He is fortunate to have enough movement to be able to drive his power wheelchair independently. But he has to rely on personal care aides to help him with all other aspects of his daily life such as bathing, dressing and eating.

Stephanie, Tom’s wife, has worked tirelessly to get him everything available to him to enhance his quality of life. Extensive renovations were completed on their home in Rhode Island allowing Tom to return to the home he loves. Tom has full access to the first floor and a Hoyer lift was installed to allow his care givers to transfer him in and out of his chair more easily. Stephanie also has purchased a wheelchair van with a lift to allow Tom mobility in the community.

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October 24, 2017

Tom & Stephanie, there was so much more to my message and the last line that just posted sounded so cruel... but if you could have seen the entire message, you’d be laughing.. Tom was always a few minutes late for his first clients appointment and he was teased all the! Check your postal mail in a few days

Joan Smith

October 24, 2017

Tom! I’ve tried for over two years to find you! I have prayed every day that I would somehow reach you and here you are I searched for you & Stephanie tonight on Google. I am in awe as I read your story and the progress you have made since your accident. I had an appointment with you that morning at 9:00 and per usual you were late

Joan Smith

August 22, 2016

Tom, we know you through Grace Ricco-Peña. ML and I send you MUCH love and wishes for continued improvement!!

Mary Lawrence and Rhodes

March 9, 2016

Tom and Stephanie, what courage and strength you have you are my heroes and I loved spending time with you last week.

Love Judy