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Joe Estrada, my 62-year-old father has end-stage-liver-disease. Four years ago, Joe was diagnosed with a serious form of liver cancer. He was given six months to live, as we prepared him for the unfortunate reality of hospice and end-of-life care. Despite his diagnosis, my father remained positive and refused to give up and let his diagnosis get the best of him — his strength, optimism and perseverance outweighed his cancer diagnosis, and my father, Joe stayed strong. The Mayo Clinic then informed us that a liver transplant was my father’s best course of treatment and greatest chance of survival. Without the transplant, Joe’s liver disease and cancer would eventually progress, and his options would run out. After extensive testing, Joe was successfully placed on the active liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and he is patiently waiting for the telephone call that will save his life!

Transplants are lifesaving, but the costs are more than Joe and our family can handle alone. Even with health insurance, my father is facing very high out-of-pocket expenses including co-pays and deductibles, doctor visits and medical testing, travel and lodging fees, and post-transplant medications that he will need for the rest of his life. These costs are expected to be well over $5,000 per month. My father is also responsible for 20% of the total cost of his transplant surgery, as he currently has no supplemental health insurance coverage to Medicare.


February 25, 2015

Good luck Joe! I was able to donate a little this month, hopefully more next month. Stay strong!

Tammie Adamo Levy