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As many of you already know, for the past several years, my dear friend Tony Dillon has been courageously battling end-stage renal disease. For three years now, Tony has been on dialysis three days a week, five hours a day. This is keeping him alive. Though he is doing fairly well on his treatment, he is still unable to work. We are told that his only real shot at a long and healthy life is to receive a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Tony is on the kidney transplant waiting list at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. However, due to the extraordinary expense of transplantation, as well as Tony’s inability to work, funding this life-saving operation is a monumental task. Despite having insurance, many of his medical needs are not covered and must be paid out-of-pocket. Among other costs, Tony will need to raise funds for the enormously expensive immunosuppressant medications he will need to take for the rest of his life. This presents a challenge Tony cannot meet alone.