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Wanda Received Her Lung Transplant

Dear Family and Friends,

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February 3, 2014

Hi to all my wonderful friends and incredible family! I am awed by you love, care, encouragement and support! I am certain I am doing so well because of your prayers! It was amazing how everything just suddenly fell into place so well. I know God’s hand was involved because the manner in which things happened could not have been coincidental. First, I received a call from the wonderful Church Medical Housing Ministry that one of the it apartments was available, on my way to secure getting the apartment, I got “the call” and had time to complete the acquisition of the church apartment. My friend, Barbara was able to come immediately. My sister-in-law was able to come from Austin in record time despite the bad weather. My children were able to get fli ghts despite the bad weather and arrived on Tuesday. The transplant team was very excited because the donor lung was such an excellent match! The surgeon completed the surgery in record time. I was told I came off the respirator in record time and everything has gone beautifully since then. The doctors think I will be discharged on Wednesday or Thursday. Now, that is to many well coordinated events to be .to just be coincidental! I am amazed and so very grateful! Carrie responded to the many requests of “How can I help?”,beautifully. I’ve left her response and my new address in this email!

Thank you a gain for your continual love, care, encouragement and support! I am truly blessed! Praise be to God! Blessings, Wanda

> I’m sure she would appreciate well wishes at this point, but there are some
> rules of course:
> ALLOWED: Cards and letters are the best form of communication, but they
> cannot have any scent to them.
> Wanda Campbell
> 7510 Brompton St #577
> Houston, TX 77025
> NOT ALLOWED: flowers, plants, stuffed animals, balloons, etc. Unfortunately
> we will have to send them away if they arrive.
> If you feel like spending a little money on Wanda, and we all know she
> deserves it, please consider donating to the transplant fund. Here is the
> link again:
> -D808-007B-B6ADC4A576554C73/
> Thanks you all for you well wishes and kind encouragement!!
> Carrie=

February 2, 2014

i have a new, left lung! So far, everything has gone very well. I am finally out of ICU and in a room. I will communicate here and via email mostly. I have lots of procedures and exercises everyday and am usually ready to rest after all those activities. My family and I are very, very grateful to everyone for your expressions of love and care! We cannot say thank you enough!

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February 6, 2014

When I think of all the great times I had at LMS the majority of them come from my time in your class. I got so much enjoyment out of the concerts and music class. You were such a great music instructor. Get well soon and I am glad everything is working out for you.

Amy Watkins (Wilson) class of '97

January 29, 2014

Wanda, My mother had this and we want you to know you are in our prayers for full healing!

Susie and Larry Dooley

January 28, 2014

Wanda, you are in my thoughts and prayers, with grateful appreciation for your years of music ministry at Holy Trinity.

Sandy Woodward

January 22, 2014

Wanda, When all this is behind you, I want us to really get together and talk about our times at good old LMS! You are such a great part of my memories there. How I admire your talents!!! And the amazing things you could get even the most challenging of our precious charges to do!!! Oh my!! Keep singing in your heart, and looking forward to the day when you can sing with your voice. Love you.

Sybil Humphries