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Linda Needs Your Support!

Linda Miranda is in need of a kidney/pancreas transplant and needs the help of her community to make it happen. Linda’s only chance to resume a normal life as a young woman and nursing student, is to undergo her transplant; a life-saving but very expensive surgery.

Updates (1)

November 4, 2014

Thank you family and friends for all the great support you have given. On November 16th I will be hosting an event at Village Tavern, please stop by with flyer to have a percentage donated towards my cause thanks to all.


March 3, 2015

Linda, you will always have my support. You've been my best friend for nearly 10 years and everyday you amaze and inspire me. My prayers are with you always and you know anything you may need I am here. I love you girl ❤️


December 2, 2014

Linda, aunque no te conosco en persona, te conozco por atravez de tu madre. Yo soy Lolita, y tengo una hija que se llama Barbara como tu madre. Comprendo tu deseo y tu lucha de superviviencia. Mi hija tuvo un transplante y no fue facil. No hubo ni una sola persona de la familia compatible. Que ironia. Mas ella tuvo todo su empeño en luchar como tu lo estas hacienda. Confia en Jehova , el unico Dios verdadero bondadoso ymisericordioso. El y solo el tocara tu puerta, y Habra alguien que tiene lo que tu necesitas. Ten fe, pues el es el dador de vida. Con cariño Lolita. Confia igual que mi hija y orale todos los días y veras el resultado!!


December 2, 2014

life's road is long. someday you'll look back on this as an old lady and say "oh yeah that thing that happened to me . . . its been over for a long time"


November 20, 2014

Dear Linda Im your mom's friend and spiritual sister. Our family and all the sisters and brothers have in our prayers be strong. For God is merciful and gave the gift of science to man. He also gave us the promise of everlasting life in a beautiful Paradise thru his beloved son Jesus Christ. Revelation 21:3,4,5 Also keep praying he listens to all prayers and your mom loves you. She would exchange her life for yours. Like our King Jesus did for all mankind.

Tania and Frank and family