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Assistance for April!

For the last 20 years, I have watched my daughter April Burkhardt struggle with Type I Diabetes. I have seen her suffer through many cases of painful pancreatitis, multiple hospital stays and four near-death experiences. Eighteen months ago, April was also diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (impending kidney failure). For more than a year, she has tried to cope with the debilitating side effects of both diseases, resulting in a serious decline in her health. Thankfully, on September 12, 2014, April received her gift of life- a kidney/pancreas transplant! And thanks to her incredible surgeons and doctors, April is now in recovery mode looking forward to getting her life back, but she needs your help with post-transplant expenses.

Updates (4)

November 3, 2014

Seven weeks since my transplant and I am feeling good! I am back at work...some days are better than others. I still tire pretty easily but am glad to be easing back into some sort of normalcy! Thanks again for all your kind words, prayers and support! It really means a lot!

October 24, 2014

Its been six weeks since my transplant and things are progressing! I am getting stronger every day and am slowly getting back to work. I have been released to drive short distances so my mom no longer has to be my chauffeur! I check in at the transplant clinic once a week for blood tests and my doctors (who are amazing) are working hard to make sure my medication is at the right dosage to keep me healthy. I am so grateful for all your support!


October 26, 2014

April, I was so relieved to finally hear an update, I pray each day you feel much better and stronger than the day before......I wish with all my heart I could donate but we are living on SS since Wilbur retired 4 years ago.....I do support you with all my heart and pray you reach your goal......

Charlotte Neufeld

October 22, 2014

April, I'm glad you're getting stronger and hope the health issues are mild and infrequent. Beau, Maggie, and Squeak miss you!

Linda Livingston

October 9, 2014

Hi April. I'm so happy for you! So glad to hear that you are recovery well. I never forget my childhood friends that touched my heart and were such a good friend. You were one of those friends :). Praying for a speedy recovering and that your body will be strong and healthy the rest of your beautiful life.

Sarah Rouse