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Stephanie Jones is only 30 years-old, and she desperately needs a heart transplant. She was born with a serious type of congenital heart disease, and has spent her life undergoing numerous medical procedure and major heart surgeries to repair her damaged and weakened heart. After several cardiac catheterizations and open heart surgery at the age of seven, Stephanie went into heart failure by the age of sixteen. She eventually had a second open heart surgery, a triple valve replacement, and a pacemaker to regulate her heart rhythm. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s condition is continuing to worsen, and a heart transplant is her only hope for survival. Transplants are lifesaving, but the costs are more than Stephanie and her family can handle alone.

Even with health insurance, Stephanie is facing many out-of-pocket medical expenses related to her transplant. Co-pays, deductibles, medical equipment, doctor’s visits and travel fees continue to add up for Stephanie. After her surgery, Stephanie will be required to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of her life. Her medical bills have continued to add up over the years, and are expected to cost well over $20,000 once she receives her heart transplant.