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Test New Hope After Transplant with Your Help! Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s almost the end of another year? It’s been an amazing journey thanks to your love and support for Ed and our entire family as we continue to navigate some of the highs and lows of life after transplant. Some updates: We started 2023 with so much to be thankful for! As you know, Edward got a kidney transplant in 2019. It’s been an incredible gift that we’re all so grateful for, but if you’ve been following our journey here on Edward’s Campaign Page, you know there have been some challenges, too! Edward was hospitalized once in 2022 and has had to receive more frequent follow-up care than we expected this fall and winter. As a result, we’ve also had to take on some unexpected medical costs that our insurance doesn’t cover, like parking/tolls, caregiving for Jannah as she accompanies Ed to his follow-up appointments, and the ongoing cost of Ed’s anti-rejection meds. These medications keep his kidney strong, and he will keep taking them for a lifetime – so we have to keep covering the co-pays for a lifetime, too. Edward Testa is a 33-year-old brother, husband and father who has been serving his community as a volunteer firefighter for the past six years. He was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure in 2012 despite showing very few physical symptoms. Our friend Ed received a transplant in October 2019, but he still needs our help to cover the cost of the gift of life! We are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation for Ed, including travel and relocation to a transplant center in Utah, financial support for his sister as she leaves work to be his full-time caregiver, living donor expenses and a lifetime of expensive immunosuppressant medications.For more information, please contact Help Hope Live at 800.642.8399. Thank you for your support!!

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December 27, 2023


December 26, 2023

We wanted to take a minute to update you on how things have been going with Edward, how much you’ve helped us, and where we could still use your support.

Wow. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions for us as Ed has continued to figure out how to move from surviving to thriving with his new kidney.

We’ve had a few rough patches. We won’t soon forget the Thanksgiving Day hospitalization when his blood pressure dropped—an accidental holiday memory for all of us.

We’ve had some really bright spots, too, like when Ed dropped off Julie and Tavi at school on Ed’s birthday and the student orchestra played his favorite song right on the front steps. Now THAT was a birthday surprise for the books.

Through it all, the whole town of Charmont has been covering us in constant love and support.

We want to really, really thank you for the love and donations over this past year.

Thanks to you, we were able to cover the unexpected $982 ambulance ride on Thanksgiving and still spend the afternoon together with Ed and the kids. You helped us cover over $1,900 in medication costs that are giving Ed his life back by protecting his new kidney.

And this summer Ed got to return to the pool thanks to his physical therapy sessions with Dr. Luco. We could never have covered those sessions—and so much more—without your help.

The gift of life is something Ed will treasure for the rest of his years, but it is also something we need to financially support day after day to keep him with us.

This gift of new life would not have been possible without you.

Thank you from all four of us (and Fluffy).

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August 21, 2023


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July 3, 2023

and yet one other test with facebook

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July 3, 2023

ANother test with facebook

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