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Help Danny Recover from his Transplant!

On Thanksgiving Day in 2013, Danny Turner became very ill. After repeated admissions to the hospital and spending days in ICU, Danny was diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Danny’s health continued to spiral downhill, and eventually his kidneys began to fail, as well. Danny was added to the Liver/Kidney dual organ transplant list at Emory Hospital, and this past October 16th, 2014, Danny received the phone call from Emory that would save his life. After 14 hours of surgery, Danny awoke in the ICU with a big smile on his face; he received his lifesaving Liver/Kidney transplant with much success! His transplant saved his life, but the costs for Danny have been overwhelming.

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March 6, 2017

By the grace of God, here I am Post Transplant a little over two years. I still have good days and bad days and struggle with the side effects of all the medications I take. I am very happy to still be alive. As some of you know I have been fighting a virus I obtained from the donor organs. The good news is for the last few blood tests it has been undetected and I may soon get to stop one the medications that I think is causing some of the side effect issues.

As all of you know I will be taking very expensive medications for the rest of my life and as hard as it is for me to ask, I still need your help. The Doctors have deemed me permanently medically disabled. Going back to work is now out of the question and having to adjust to living off of social security disability has been a real wake-up call the last three years. I am currently on medicare and anyone on medicare knows how bad the drug program is for tier 4 and 5 specialty drugs. Even with medicare, the medications cost me several hundred dollars a month.

Remember any donations to Help Hope Live in my name are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. So if you or some of your Companies wish to donate I sure would appreciate it.

Danny Turner

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November 10, 2015

Dan Turner is a good man, a good father and was an exceptional police officer back in the day. I have had the honor of knowing Danny for over 37 years. He is in our prayers to raise all the resources he needs and to get completely healthy again because he has many good things left to do in this world.

Joe Gordon