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Unfortunately, since the young age of 15, Jason has struggled with Type 1 Brittle Diabetes Mellitus. A loving husband and father to four young children (soon to be five), Jason enjoys spending every minute with his beautiful family, attending church, playing drums in a local band and living life to its fullest.

Jason suffers from severe retinopathy and has undergone many eye surgeries and laser treatments. As a result of his diabetes, Jason is now legally blind, and has painful neuropathy with severe damage to many other organs. A few years ago, Jason was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, and with only 10% kidney function, he is currently on dialysis. A kidney/pancreas transplant is Jason’s only hope for a healthy life.

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September 7, 2017

I'm here and still waiting. ..I think it could be any day now

.. they have been transplanting a lot of people lately....keep praying

April 15, 2016

Yesterday morning at 2:30 am, Jason was rushed to the ER. He had went into diabetic Ketoacidosis. His blood sugar was over 800 and his potassium was 8.4. His nepherologist said he wouldn't died if he had waited any longer to come in. They got him stable, and sent him to ICU.

Today's update:

Jason is doing better now. In ICU. They finally let him eat (it's been 3 days). They said he's still in the Ketoacidosis stage (acidic blood) but he's almost out if it. Not sure how long he'll be here. His nepherologist said he was basically dead yesterday. He said he was so scared himself that Jason wouldn't make through dialysis without his heart stopping. Thank you, everyone for the thoughts and prayers. We love you all!

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December 25, 2015

Thinking of you and your family! I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Krista Thomas

December 17, 2015

Prayers, love and faith throughout this holiday season!

Raven M. Horn

August 26, 2015

I'm so excited for you both! I've donated and shared this page to all of my family and friends. I hope you reach your goal and live the lives you should be able to <3

Raven Horn