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Richard Needs Your Support!

Richard Langendoerfer is a father, a husband, and a friend to those around him. He was a hard-working man who loved his job as a maintenance manager for student housing at a prominent college. But, in July 2011, Richard was injured while on the job. He was helping a co-worker bring a water heater down from the back of a truck. Unknown to Richard, the water heater was not completely empty. His legs buckled underneath him and he crashed to the ground. Richard suffered a spinal cord injury to his lower back leaving him with pain down both legs caused by polyneuropathy and pain and weakness in his arms and hands. He is restricted to a motorized wheelchair now.

Updates (6)

February 15, 2016

In 2008 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now thru blood test and a whole body scan the doctors have found that the cancer has returned. I have been told by my oncologist that there is no cure at this stage of the cancer, the only thing that can be done is radiation and chemotherapy to slow the cancer down and keep me alive as long as they can. I am still in much pain from my spine cord injury, and now facing death. Because of my Gleason scores being in a certain range it is concidered a more aggressive cancer.The oncologist said I have between one to five years at best. At this time I would ask for any help you can give me. I promised my family, before I was injured with my spinal cord injury, that I would take them to Walt Disney World. My 10 year old daughter asked me if I could take her to Walt Disney World be for I died, as she wanted to have one last memery to remember me by. I don't know how I can tell her that I don't have the money, be cause of all the bills. Our house is in need of plumbing and house needs rewiring as it is in danger of a electrical fire.I don't want too leave my family with the worry of loosing there house and there life to a fire. It is in need of repair. Please,please, please help me. I just want too leave this world known that I have fulfilled my promase to my 10 year old daughter and the house is safe for them to live in.My wife is a good woman and has done everything for me. I would like to request a van that I can have to be able to get around in and and wheel chair that I could get around in and lay back in to help ease the pain when I go out for an extend time. I don't mean to beg. That is not my intent. But my life is short and I feel as if I am leaving my daughter down and my wife in a bad spot with our home. Please give to Help Hope Live in my name and they will see that the money is taken care of. Thank you in advance. God bless you and you and your family. Richard Langendoerfer.

December 21, 2015

My name is Richard Langendoerfer. I have had an accident that has caused me to be in a wheelchair. But more recently due to pain that cannot be controlled, I have been unable to get out or stay out of bed for long. My wife and 10 year old daughter do as much as they can. Due to very small hallways I can not get my wheelchair around inside my house very well. Because of my injury I have not been able to do repairs on our home in several years and money is very tight. My wife tells me our basement walls are leaking water, with black mold forming. Our roof is also leaking and doctors bills are piling up, and to top it off, my psa level is rising and I have been advised by my family doctor to see my Oncologists for my prostate cancer. Please please please help my family. Please donate to my HelpHOPELive fundraiser. It is tax deductible. My 10 year old daughter and my wife need your help. Happy Holidays from the Langendoerfer's.