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Joyce Needs Your Help

In 2009, Fay (Joyce) Bilal, a long-time resident of Winter Haven, Florida was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The aftermath left her with very serious injuries, and we didn’t know if she was going to survive. She was resuscitated several times, and suffered a broken collar bone, multiple rib fractures, and a broken pelvis. Because of the trauma to her body, and her pre-existing heart disease, Fay’s body severely weakened over time, and her organs did not receive proper blood flow. This past February 22nd, things got worse for Fay, and she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy and pulmonary edema. She has been on a ventilator ever since, and is fighting hard for her life. A heart transplant is now her only hope for survival.

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May 24, 2018

Hey Guys Sorry I haven’t updated you on my Transplant....

But the Lord Blessed me to get a Donor and I am doing fabulous... But I still have a long road ahead of me... I hate to keep asking but I am still in need of your help... The medicine that I must take to keep me and my New Heart Health is way out of my means.. I do have some insurance and Family that helps but I still need a little bit more help...

Please keep Donating whatever you can when you can...

Every little bit counts a lot... Lord I Thank You for touching the ones That have already Gave and the ones that will in the Future and even the ones that want to but can’t... Thank You all And God Bless You all

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June 10, 2018

Hope you reach the goal dollar amount! Every bit counts.Stay Positive!

William Conklin

June 30, 2015

Soo sorry to hear this (tears)....praying for her and will donate what I can. Be strong for one another, pray daily and show her lots of love.

Kimberly Lewis

March 15, 2015

My heart is very heavy right now. Ms.Joyce is one of the nicest ladies I know. We are happy to donate what we can. Our prayers for you will continue until you are home and well. I love you all as my sisters.

Kamesha (Payne) Barnes