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William Scott Perry, former veteran of The United States Coast Guard, is very ill and desperately needs a heart transplant. Some may know William as a former real estate agent, or through one of his five lovely children. William also spent over 22 years dedicated to serving in the United States Coast Guard. William’s life was thrown into turmoil when he suffered a stroke and was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure. William is suffering and his quality of life has been difficult, as he now lives with the aid of a ventricular assist device pump implant, or V.A.D. His heart is too weak to function on its own; the V.A.D. is William’s only means of survival until a suitable heart donor is available, and he receives his lifesaving heart transplant.

Transplants are lifesaving, but the costs are more than William and I can handle alone. Even with health insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses continue to add up for William. Co-pays, deductibles, medical equipment, doctor visits, travel fees and medications are costing William thousands of dollars each month. He will also be required to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of his life.


December 15, 2014

Scott, we love you so much and know that you will make it through this stronger than ever. You are in our hearts and prayers every day.

Your loving sister, Christy

December 12, 2014

Wishing you strength and courage during this difficult time! Know that your family supports you every step of the way!

Wife: Michelle Bridges