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Help Maria Get A Kidney Transplant!

Our mom is currently strugling with some health issues. As many of you already know, our mom, Maria, Under went a kidney transplant 23 years ago. The donor was our beloved uncle Jesse. He and his beautiful, wonderful family made a selfless life changing decision, to donate one of his kidneys to give our mom a second opportunity at life! Tia Rosa took the lead in reaching out to family and guiding our mama through this scary journey. Nothing short of a miracle, Our mom was blessed with many more years of life! My Tio Jesse’s wonderful kidney, gave our mother hope, and the chance to see her children grow and have children of their own.

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February 20, 2015

First of all we would like to thank you all for your wonderful love and support. We apologize for not posting any updates sooner. It seems like we have been waiting a long time for God's miracle to take place. It's easy for us to think that we can handle and solve everything on our own. We get lost in worry, stress, sandness, and anxiety. At least I did. I soon learned that it is not in our own timing, but that of our heavenly fathers. It took me a while to fully let go and place my moms situation in God's hands. To give him full control. Once I did that, wonderful things started to take place! I was able to feel God's love and peace in my heart. Mom has been staying strong and hopeful. We were advised to start a fistula for future dyalisis, but God's love and protection whispered to my heart. I felt him telling me to wait just a little bit longer. On Feb 13th, I was driving to work listening to K-Love. This is a Christian radio station. They talked about someone who was about to receive a very special gift for Valentines Day. I remember thinking,"God, I wish I could have donated one of my kidneys today in exchange of another so my mom can get her kidney transplant done on Valentines Day". How special would that be for her, a day when so much love is expressed! God expressed his love for me that day. I received a phone call from the University of Utah telling me they had found a kidney for my mom! God's love is so great. His plan is perfect. 2 other people also received this great news. You see, just like mom and I entered the paired exchange program, so did they. Mom and I are scheduled to have surgery on March 3rd. I will donate one of my kidneys to someone who is in need of a healthy kidney to continue to live, and one of their healthy family members will donate one of their kidneys to my mom to help her continue living. Only through God's grace is this possible. I would like to inform family and friends that we already have several great care givers for mom and I. As much as we would love to have you all here, please understand that it may not be possible immediately following surgery. Please give us a few weeks to recover. And, please continue to pray for us. Your love and understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for helping fund this miracle!




February 18, 2016

I am so happy to see that you are still working on fundraising. Best wishes~

Michelle McCardell

December 16, 2014

Sister don't give up, love you always have faith in God,am here with you ,

angelica sarmiento

December 4, 2014

what can i say about my sister she has been there for everyone in more than one way most important for me she has been there for our mother lived next door to her for many years watched over her for many years this made it easy for those who live far away and cant always reach out like we would like to thank you very much sister keep your head up my prayers are with you and we will together with the rest of the family overcome this challenge we love you

Tury and family