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My fiancé, Collin Kleditz was injured in July of 2013 in an ATV accident. His C6-7 vertebrae were fractured leaving him breathing through a ventilator, with no leg function and limited hand and arm function. The treatment he has received over the past year has kept him alive but has not adequately helped to advance his situation. Through a referral from the Christopher and Dena Reeve Foundation, we discovered Craig Hospital in Denver, a place that will help Collin increase his strength, independence and overall health.

Becoming a quadriplegic was not Collin’s first challenge. He was born with cerebral palsy, yet learned to walk with a walker, then without one, then learned to drive and lead a regular life. Before the accident he was a student at Fox Valley Technical College, studying I.T., a passion that stems from his love of gadgets, the internet, and gaming.

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April 7, 2015

Collin has been working really hard at being off the ventilator half the time! He is resting at night. We found out at a clinical appointment that his wounds are healing well, and he didn't need a serious skin flap surgery! They are healing well with negative wound therapy, and great care from the team at Select Specialty Hospital in Madison. Collin is on his phone often, and playing games on his PS4. We have begun the process of bringing him home, and look forward to the next step in his recovery. He continues to fight and keep a smile on his face. Thank you to everyone for all of your immense support, we are looking forward to the benefit on April 18!

February 24, 2015

Its been far too long since an update was posted! I am disappointed in myself for not keeping up with this, and much has happened. Since the last post, Collin was transferred out of state to Waukegan, Illinois because there were no beds available for vent care in Wisconsin. There, through Christmas, he received very poor care, resulting in deep pressure ulcers and malnutrition. His mom and I got him transferred to University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital, where he spent a month and a week recuperating and had a diverting colostomy do clear the area where his pressure ulcers are trying to heal. Collin has now been moved to Select Specialty Hospital to further heal his wounds, and work on weaning off of the ventilator. He has been doing great so far! about 7 hours on a trach mask, completely breathing on his own. After a year of not weaning, this is a huge feat and we are hopeful for great progress in the weeks ahead. We moved the benefit date to April 18, at Scandinavia bowling alley. I am currently seeking volunteers to help get out and spread the word of the benefit, a day of music, bowling, raffles and fun!

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March 4, 2015

My prayers are with you keep fighting

Gail rew

March 3, 2015

Collin and Amber :
You two are a blessing in this world. Stay strong, never give up and always remember you are making an impact on someone's life. Seeing such strength in you, inspires many people. I truly hope the best for you and know that I care a lot about you and your situation really hits home to me as I'm a caregiver for a quadriplegic. God bless and Keep your head held high ♡

Candra Owen

December 2, 2014

God Bless u Collin on a fast recovery. Prayers for u and the family.

Brooke Aylesworth