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My daughter, Alicia Peterson is 28-years-old and was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease almost three years ago due to hypertension. She is now waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant.

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December 23, 2018

Hi y’all. I know I have not updated for awhile. My daughter has been going through so much. We got a call for a kidney transplant about 4 months ago. Alicia was on the table getting ready to go in to surgery to have her transplant done, but her blood pressure was too low and they could not raise it. That was a total let down. We were all devastated, especially Alicia. I hate to see her cry. She is one of the strongest persons I know and she hardly ever breaks down, but she broke down that day and she cried and cried. I felt helpless. I’m a mother that loves my child and I couldn’t do anything to help her. Sometimes I have to ask why, why, why? Why is my child going through this? Why her? She has never done anything to hurt anybody. She has never been on drugs, and she has never been a heavy drinker, so why is this happening to her?

Recently Alicia have been diagnosed with Calciphylaxis and have really been suffering terribly with a lot of pain. This is not a good diagnosis. In fact, it is a terrible diagnosis. The outlook of this diagnosis is very grim. But my child is very strong and she is actually healing more and more each day. If anybody can defy the odds of this illness, it is her. Her wounds are healing and she is getting stronger and stronger each day. Once her wounds heal, she will be active on the transplant list again. In the meantime, I am preparing myself just in case I can donate her a kidney. I was just recently diagnosed as being hypothyroid, and this answered a lot of questions for me. This is the reason I have been overweight for most of my life and have not been able to lose much weight. So in order to get in much better heath and get off of medications I have decided to have the gastric sleeve surgery, which I am actually having in 2 days. I know and hope that she gets a kidney much younger than mine, but my kidney would be better than no kidney at all.

Even though I don’t understand and I question why did this happen to her, I’m trusting God to fix it. I know that He has the last say, and He is in control of this. I am asking everyone to please say a prayer for my child. She is only 32 years old and she doesn’t want to leave her son. She wants to raise him herself. He is her heart.

Also, if you can find it in your heart to give a donation, no matter how large or how small, please do so. Alicia needs as much help as she can get. She needs help with the medical expenses and also with living expenses. She is behind on everything now, since she has been diagnosed with Calciphylaxis. So on top of everything else that she is dealing with, now she is worried about losing everything. We will appreciate anything you can give, whether it be kind words, a donation or just a prayer.

January 29, 2017

Today is January 29, 2017. I wanted to just update everyone on Alicia’s situation. As you all may know, Alicia did have a living donor and her transplant was actually scheduled for tomorrow, January 30, 2017. My child have been the happiest person on this earth since she received the news that everything was okay and her transplant was scheduled. We drove to New Orleans Wednesday for her pre-op work and her donor did hers on Thursday.

As we entered Walmart on Friday to pick up some of the last items she needed before being admitted to the hospital early Sunday morning (today actually), she received that dreadful phone call that literally tore her heart apart. Alicia’s donor is no longer a match. My God! How can this happen just a couple of days before surgery? I’m looking at my child, who is usually so, so strong, and by her being strong, she makes me strong. She hands me the phone and I’m at a loss. I’m her mom, and I can’t do anything to help her, so I ask the lady the same question over and over, knowing all the time, there’s nothing she can do either. We are not experienced at this. We never knew this could happen. These last couple of days have been the worst that I have ever experienced, because as a mother, you want to protect your children, you want to make their pain go away, you want to make them better, but right now I feel helpless.

However, I do know that God has a plan, and we may not understand why this happened, but, as I told her, it is better that it happened now, instead of after the surgery. It’s better for her and it’s better for my beautiful niece, Breanna, who was her living donor.

Everyone always look at Alicia and say she looks so good, she’s always happy and smiling, that if you didn’t know her, you would never know she has end stage renal disease. As I said before, she has been very, very strong during these last four years. She was diagnosed four years ago after a bad case of the flu at the age of 25. She never knew she had hypertension and only went to the doctor because she needed an excuse for work. Now she is completely dependent on dialysis, which she has three times a week for four hours each time. Alicia’s only chance of restoring her healthy life and living a longer life is by having a kidney transplant.

Alicia has a rare blood type, so the search for a living donor has been extremely hard. Family members and friends are being tested and we are also appealing to the public in the hope that someone would want to come forward and give the gift of life. Alicia looks forward to being healthy, going back to work, becoming an active member of the community again, and being there to see her son grow up.

Alicia’s blood type is B+. She is compatible with anyone that is type B or O blood, it doesn’t matter if positive or negative.

If you know of anyone or if you would like to be tested please call:

Becky Guillera @ 504-842-3925 or 1-800-928-6247 Ext. 23925

Funding this life saving procedure is very expensive. Even with insurance, there are medical expenses that will not be covered and must be paid out of pocket. Some of these are deductibles, co-pays, lodging and travel expenses at the time of the transplant and she will be on a lifetime of anti-rejection medications. This puts our family up against a challenge that we cannot meet alone and we desperately need your help.

A fundraising campaign in Alicia’s honor has been established with HelpHopeLive, a trusted nonprofit organization that has been providing community based fundraising guidance to patients and their families for more than 30 years. All donations are tax deductible, and held by HelpHopeLive in the Southeast Kidney Transplant Fund, and are administered by HelpHopeLive for transplant related expenses only. To make a contribution, please click on the “Donate Now” tab.

On behalf of Alicia and our family, thank you for your kindness, prayers, support and generosity. We appreciate any donation you can make, and please share, share, share this post with your family and friends. Please keep an eye on Alicia’s campaign page. We will be planning some fundraising events soon and posting updates on a regular basis.

With sincere gratitude,
Karen Peterson
[email protected]


April 17, 2015

Praying for you & family! Love you, April

April Peterson-Cosey