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Dexter Forde is only 44 years-old, and in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Dexter’s condition has progressed, and his kidneys have started to fail. Dexter undergoes a strict regimen of dialysis, over three hours each and every day. Dexter’s only hope to resume a normal life and for survival, is to undergo a lifesaving kidney transplant. Transplants are lifesaving, but the costs are more than Dexter and our family can handle.

On a personal level, Dexter is the proud father of Six beautiful children, and has recently become a grandfather. Dexter has worked hard his whole life as a school bus driver, and takes pride in his years of work transporting children back and forth to school. When Dexter is not receiving dialysis or making trips to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center for pre-transplant testing, he spends his time with his loving family. Dexter is a true family-man and has given himself to others his whole life. It is now time to help Dexter with his uninsured medical expenses related to his kidney transplant.